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Features of Fastcom 12

Diversity Billing technologies

  • Postpay regular billing
  • Prepay regular billing
  • Real time tariffication and credit control
  • Prepaid periods, shifted periods, floating periods
  • Prepaid resources
  • Cards for anonymous access to services
  • Billing between operators and agents
  • Billing between operators and providers
  • Recalculations after changes to the source data and subsequent automatic correction of all dependent parameters and amounts. Revising an entry, when inability to replace data
  • Special Methods for calculating the fines, billing, charges, loading payments, working with debtors and principals

Branch business structure

  • Support holdings with a split accounting in one system
  • Centralized Billing for branches in different regions
  • Distributed Billing
  • Combined (Nodal) billing

CRM and workflow

  • Maintenance structure of the company (branches, divisions, employees and incumbency)
  • Maintaining the Subjects (clients, customers, consumers, suppliers, agents), their contracts, facilities and services
  • Maintaining customer categories (including preferential), types of institutions, type of ownership, types of documents and banks
  • Reception of applications for the connection. Maintaining connectivity plans
  • Reception and management of claims from abonents and consumers (re-registration, termination, order/denial of services, replacement numbers/addresses/tarifs, pretensions)
  • Automatic generation and maintenance jobs to work. Control processing by Business
  • Planning of assignments
  • Support of lifecycle for miscellaneous cards (resource, payment, combined)
  • Delivery of bills (by courier, post, E-mail, fax, IVR)
  • Integration with external CRM


  • Pre-sales research (marketing activities)
  • Promotions on attraction: «Refer a friend», «Pyramid», «Condominium» etc.
  • Promotions on retention: «Promised payment», «Loyalty», «Pay advance» etc.
  • Bounties resources, time periods, traffics etc.
  • Management bonuses and discounts within and outside the framework marketing actions
  • Self-organizing groups of subscribers

Tariffs and schemes

  • Maintaining tariffs as logical trees based on the replenishable catalogue dynamic parameters
  • Maintenance tabular tariffs. Automatic updates and synchronization table of tariffs
  • Maintaining individual tariff plans for corporate clients
  • Support for special dates (holidays, shifts, transfers, etc.)
  • Maintenance summary indexes (Counters) and collections of summary indexes
  • Maintaining rules for calculating amount of services
  • Maintaining rules for calculating global coefficients
  • Support units of measure
  • Maintenance schemes admission to the network
  • Maintenance schemes detect temporal period
  • Maintenance schemes of rounding algorithms
  • Maintenance schemes supplemental charges
  • Maintenance schemes changes in balances of resources


  • Supplementally reference of network elements, attributes, connection rules
  • Flexible rules for determining the technical feasibility
  • Changing the computation scheme using the settings (without programming)
  • Availability to services

Self-service system

  • Brand-book adaptive WEB-interface for Personal area of abonent
  • Support multiple WEB-skins
  • Scaling the concurrent sessions
  • Counteraction to hacking
  • WEB-pages generations and changes audit
  • Flexible adjustment of the hierarchical dynamic menu
  • One Personal area for managing multiple contracts and services
  • Displays status of the account (balance, current charges, payments, adjustments, bonuses, recommended amount of payment)
  • Displays prior periods (balance, accounts, payments, adjustments)
  • Displaying events of contract
  • Display and manage the entry of marketing actions
  • Payment by means card
  • Promised payments
  • Display and change tariff
  • Managing TV-packages
  • Displaying various of traffic types in all kinds
  • Displaying end-user devices with parameters
  • Showing the locks, control of voluntary lock
  • Display and control parameters of services
  • Purchase of resource pack
  • Display and control connection points to resources
  • Change Identification the access to Services
  • Managing notices and warnings
  • Change the settings for Personal area
  • Change Identification the access to Personal area
  • Changing or correct exit (logout)


  • Enter payments (cash, cashless, by packs, import)
  • Integration with payment systems
  • Direct interaction with the cash registers (fiscal printers). Support cashier shift. Entering opening balances. Callback and repayment
  • Support for barcodes
  • Support pay cards and combined cards
  • Rebates
  • Support of netting


  • The agreed subscribers accounts and financial accounting
  • Support of multicurrency. Maintenance types of currencies, sources of quotations, methods of converting, exchange difference
  • Formation purchase/sales ledgers
  • Internal embedded analytics
  • Recalculations to the requirements of accounting
  • Support of calculations and netting with suppliers
  • Integration with external accounting systems (1C:Enterprise, Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision, Axapta), Alfa, SAP/R3)
  • Adaptation to the accounting rules of any country


  • Local calls, zone calls, long distance calls, international calls
  • Maintenance Regions, Direction, Routes, Tariff zones
  • Support telephone exchanges (EWSD, AXE10, DMS100, SI2K, ZXJ10 etc.)
  • Maintain types of connection, plans of analysis (real, virtual), switches, outstations, channels
  • Support of a Telephone numbering plan, pool of phone numbers, history affiliation to different networks
  • Loading, processing, billing CDR. Error analysis. Identifying duplicates. Reloading, re-billing
  • OnLine-telephony, voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Calculations contracts of adhesion and agency agreements

Data transmission

  • Dial-up (anonymous, by contracts)
  • Leased lines (Broadband access) - pools, groups of IP-addresses, zones, groups zones, routers, switches, loaders, aggregation
  • Authorized RADIUS (FastRADIUS) - dictionaries, gateways, virtual LANs, servers, access servers, authorization servers, rules, profiles, domains. The asynchronous and autonomous work
  • Supported protocols and Technologies: IPoE, PPtP, L2TP, PAP, CHAP, MSCHAP, MSCHAP_V2, EAP, PEAP, 802.1x, ISG/SSG, Wi-Fi / Wi-Max


  • Cable networks, digital television (DTV), IPTV, satellite television
  • Video on demand (VoD), Near video on demand (NVoD)
  • Accounting subscriber (consumer) devices. Supply chain management
  • Management for conditional access card (smart cards). Working with suppliers
  • Channels, Packages, Subscription rules
  • Cooperation with suppliers of media production


  • Maintenance of an inventory of media content (video, audio, games, soft, etc.), classification and systematization
  • Accounting for one-time services
  • Handling and accounting subscriptions
  • The calculations for quantity of consumed media production
  • Site designer to sell media production
  • Reception and accounting payments
  • Mutual settlements with content providers
  • Diversity Billing technologies
  • Integration with all types of calculations. Providing integrated services

Housing and utilities

  • Calculations for the rent
  • Metering of electricity
  • Settlements for the consumed water
  • Calculations for heating and heat metering
  • Settlements for maintenance, garbage collection, security, parking, etc.
  • Settlements for cable networks (TV, radio, etc.)
  • Making, printing and delivery notices and payment receipts
  • Integration with payment systems
  • Lodgers Interactive service
  • Settlement with utilities suppliers
  • Store images of documents (passports, photographs, plans, schemes, etc.)
  • Integrating accounting utilities and communication services. The ability to create unified subject, unified account, integrated services
  • Support for hierarchical structures (operators, partnerships, leasing, subleasing etc.)


  • Using the Oracle Database
  • External authentication via Oracle
  • Making user groups
  • Expandable dictonary types of objects rights and adjuncting kind of rights
  • Flexibly configurable hierarchical main menu
  • Flexible parameters control system. Classification parameters by scope (global/local), by the method of storage (real/virtual), by the way of change (changeable/read only), by the method of initial values (static/dynamic)
  • Universal replenished catalog of message (errors, information, warnings) that supports multi languages
  • Audit connections, changes, usages etc.
  • Universal user interface, independent of the client (two-tier architecture, thick / thin client), with support for all major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari)
  • OnLine documentation generated based on the information, encapsulated in the interface elements and functional
  • Customizable event handler
  • Automatic archiving of fastest growing tables
  • Extensible report management. Connecting self-made reports
  • Prediction emergencies that Allow alert administrators by customizable channel
  • Flexible adjustment of the periodic processes
  • Flexible setup and management a catalog of addresses
  • Customization of autonumbering
  • Customization of types and classes of files. Binding files and instances of any entity
  • Replenishable catalog control influences
  • Support for dynamic property values ??and parameter of entities
  • Scaling and backup
  • Using Oracle Real Application Cluster. Practical support of distributed computing
  • Using Oracle Partitioning
  • Customization of parallel computing
  • Separation of subscribers and users by groups
  • Using Oracle RAC and Oracle Data Guard for provisioning
  • Using Oracle Backup and Recovery

Technical support

  • Open and well documented program code and structure of database
  • An API to the main functional
  • Preliminary analysis of the customer's technologies
  • Development of strategy the migration from the old billing system to Fastcom
  • Maintain requests for counseling, bug reports and improvement
  • Rapid response to critical situations
  • Technical support by phone and E-mail. Possible support in 24x7


  • Oracle Education at a certified training center
  • More than 70 hours of Fastcom training


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